A Few for Indigo

The Bunting and I have bunting.jpgbeen friends for a long time. We’re at that point in our relationship where we have a lot of great stories accumulated. We blame all sorts of atrocities on one another.

Like the several days we spent at Walt Disney World. Here I had everything planned down to the minute, just so we’d feel secure and wouldn’t miss anything we wanted to do, and she goes and accuses me of being anal retentive! The nerve!

At any rate, she has already told you the story of our ride on the train that circles the Magic Kingdom. Which is why I thought she might enjoy this:

A couple of days later we were at Disney MGM studios. I insisted on going to see “The Hunchback of Notre Dame — A Musical Adventure.” It featured a cast of medieval puppets and live actors, acrobats all. It was one of the best things ever presented at Disney World, which of course is why it ended its run back in 2002. Still, it was a great day.

We share a shameful love of television. Two shows that debuted in 1990 remain favorites of ours. Twin Peaks premiered in April; by September this marvelous parody had aired on Saturday Night Live:

The other show, which ran considerably longer, was this one:

And this wonderful little snippet was part of the fifth episode (would you be terribly shocked and disappointed in me if you knew that the joint influence of Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure contributed, at least in part, to my desire to drive cross-country and visit the Pacific Northwest?):

Indigo Bunting is always wrapping herself in the most wonderful music. Sometimes she discovers an old favorite of mine; sometimes she’s opening my eyes to something new. And sometimes I discover that we’ve loved the same songs for years, even though neither of us has mentioned it before.Like this week, when I visited her Amazon wish list and saw an album that I must have played daily back in the 70s:

Or the day I discovered we had both memorized most of the lyrics to this show (here’s the original West Coast cast in a clip from the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour):

Lately she’s fallen in love with Nina Simone in a big way. So I think it’s most appropriate to end with this small delight:


~ by Craig R. Smith on 28 September 2007.

4 Responses to “A Few for Indigo”

  1. Well, what a way to start my day! I must first comment on your art direction. The “Colors of the Wind” background matches the Indigo Bunting! Bravo!

    When Pocahontas begins, “You think I’m an ignorant savage,” Jane Curtin comes to mind.

    So now I’m feeling all nostalgic for our kitschy Disney trip and our days of Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure. I too visited those sites in Washington state, as you know, having my picture taken in front of the wall and, after a very long, gorgeous-but-windy day not catching fish on a river float trip, we ended up having dinner right across from Joel Fleishmann’s office. I was having a craving for just veggies over brown rice, and they actually made that for me, and it was perfect.

    Great Twin Peaks parody. I had seen that and very much enjoyed seeing it again. I was expecting Tommy Smothers to show up in the Hair stuff, though.

    I really have to get Derek and the Dominos. These things take time (oh, and money). I did just order that other Nina Simone, the import, from Caiman. They sometimes say they have stuff they don’t actually have, so we’ll see.

    Can I skip work today?

    More later. Thanks for this!

  2. I must, here, now, admit to having never seen Twin Peaks. I’m sure the parody would have been much funnier if I had.

    And, in another first, while I can say Northern Exposure, of which I own two CDs full of music from, is my favorite TV show of all shows (and, amazingly, though of my very early years, The Smothers Brothers is a favorite as well, but then so is Your Show of Shows). That clip though must be, somehow, from an episode I had not seen. An episode I had not seen? How could I forget?

    My favorite TV moments come from that show. No question.

  3. Twin Peaks was amazing, surreal, beautiful, intriguing, and ultimately frustrating. While it shared the cockeyed look at human nature that Northern Exposure did, it didn’t have the latter’s heart.

    The NX clip was from the fifth episode of the first season. Because you hadn’t seen Twin Peaks, you probably didn’t resonate that these moments were a tribute to (or parody of) TP, so the images didn’t stick. I’ll bet if you saw the rest of the episode, something would jog your memory.

    I almost posted the Chris-flinging-the-cow clip, but thought better of it.

  4. Indigo you ignorant slut. Yes, you can skip work today.

    Tommy S. would have been brilliant in Hair.

    I used to own three or four Smothers Brothers records. Of course I memorized every song. My favorite was “My Old Man’s a Sailor.”

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